Using the "Shareist Bookmarklet"

The "Shareist" bookmarklet is an easy and quick way to save any webpage/link to your notebook.  As you browse the web and find information that you want to save to your notebook, you can click on the bookmarklet in your browser toolbar, add the content to one of your notebooks, then keep on browsing.

1. Install the bookmarklet by visiting the "Shareist Bookmarklet" page.

Safari/Chrome/Firefox users: drag and drop the Shareist Bookmarklet button into your web browser toolbar.

Internet Explorer users

  • Make sure your "Favorites Toolbar" is visible.  If it’s not, right click on any part of the menu and make sure "Favorites" is checked”
  • Right-click on this link: Shareist Bookmarklet.  Click "Add to Favorites".
  • Be sure to save the favorite in you "Favorites" folder so that it appears in your Toolbar.
  • Please, upgrade to Chrome :-)

3. Once installed, try it out. Browse the web. When you come across something you would like to save, click the bookmarklet in your toolbar.

4. Add notes. This is a useful way to keep track of links you save, add notes to read later. You will be able to easily hide or remove these notes from any pages. Note: Any text that you have selected on the page will be inserted automatically in the notes field.

5. Save the page as private or public.

6. Finally, click the "Add new Page" or "Add to page" button and you are done.

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