Using Google Reader's "Send To" to Save Directly into Shareist Notebook

Google reader has a feature called "Send To". It's a very cool feature that allows you to quickly send a blog page you're reading to your favorite social media service or publishing platform.

Once you have at least one destination set up, the Send To menu becomes active at the bottom of every page you're viewing in Reader.

Here I have two Shareist notebooks set up. Actually one, with two options, to create a public page and a private page.

By clicking on my " private" option, the following page was automatically created in my Shareist notebook.

Setting this up

If you're a Reader user, and logged in, you can view these options here.

Note that down at the bottom, you can create a custom link to any service that has support for posting pages via URL. Shareist supports this.

Click on the "Create a custom link" option and you'll see this...

Here's the template URL you should put in the URL field. You'll need to make some edits:${title}&link=${url}&post_status=1

First, you'll need to put your site's ID in the site= parameter. You can get this ID in the Shareist dashboard. When viewing your Notebook's dashboard, or any of its options, you can see the ID in the URL that will look something like this:

Where xxx is the ID of your Shareist notebook. If you have multiple notebooks, each will have its own ID.

Put that ID in the URL that goes into Google Reader's Send To setting

The other option you may want to configure is whether your captured page is public or private. That's the post_status parameter. Use 1 for public and 2 for private.

I've created two Send To links for my Shareist notebook, one to make the saved page public and the other private.

Note: For this to work, you'll need to be logged into Shareist. When you click the Send To link, you'll be send to the Shareist dashboard in a new window, where you can click to view your new page, or simply close that window.

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