Setting up Google authorship

  1. Connect your GooglePlus account from the Connect page and click on the "Show in Profile" option. This satisfies the Google+ requirement that each page link to your G+ profile. You must also have the author box enabled for your pages.
  2. Add your first name and last name on your Edit profile page: this may be important because one of the ways Google verifies authorship is to match your author name on Shareist with your name on your Google Plus profile. We've found that this is not necessary if you've done step 1 above.
  3. Verify your authorship. Do one of the following:
  • Add your shareist notebook URL to the the Contributor section of your Google Plus profile. Make sure these are kept public.
  • If you have set a custom domain on Shareist (ex:, and have an email address registered with the same domain click here, you can submit your email address there to verify it.

If you are using a subdomain (ex:, you will need to do the first as you cannot receive email on a shareist subdomain, though that will work with either a subdomain or a custom domain.

We recommend that you test out the implementation when you are finished using this Testing tool provided by Google.

Read more about Google authorship.

Google authorship example in action

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