Problems Connecting to Wordpress

Shareist connects to Wordpress blogs using the XML-RPC API. To do so, it accesses the wordpress xmlrpc.php script. Typically that's in the Wordpress root, but not necessarily.

Path to xmlrpc.php: In the vast majority of Wordpress installations, this will just be the domain of your blog, and possibly the blog directory, such as or


Sometimes the connection to Wordpress fails and we aren't given any information about what has happened. If you get a connection error, please check the following:

  1. Make sure the username and password are correct.
  2. Make sure the username and password are correct again.
  3. Shareist's connection to the XML-RPC API may be getting blocked by a firewall or some tool like the Apache mod_security extension. You may need to contact the support team for your hosting provider. Or if you can, check the server logs to see if there is any indication of this. It is usually a fairly easy change to give access.

Here's a quick email you can use.


I'm using a publishing tool called Shareist to write and publish posts to my blog, but their service is unable to connect to my server through the XML-RPC interface.

According to them, typically when this happens it is because Apache's mod_security is blocking the XML-RPC requests in general, or from their servers. Their request will be coming from this IP address:

Can you please whitelist this service for my blog? If you need to ask them questions, you can contact them at


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