Showing/hiding elements on a page

Shareist lets you add as many elements in your page as you would like.  When using the Shareist bookmarklet, you may save many articles, blog posts, and media for later editing.  When you are ready to edit your page, you can choose to hide elements or delete them permanently.

Once you have published your page, you can also add additional contect to your page and "hide" it so only you (the "author") can see that content in editing mode. Using the "Hidden" feature, you can re-arrange or edit the element behind the scenes and only make it visible when it is ready to go.

For example...

To hide an element, simply click the "show/hide" icon that appears when you hover an element.

The status "show/hide" will be displayed when you hover the icon.

In the example above, a text element has been hidden and is greyed out in "preview" mode. It will not be visible to other viewers.

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