How to set up a custom homepage?

Important: In order to set up a post as your homepage, you will need to first create at least one page.

With Shareist, you can make your own homepage using the page builder, and not use our default "grid view" presentation.

This is convenient if you would like to drive your online visitors through a specific path, or if you want to use the homepage to introduce your notebook or yourself.

For example, this Shareist notebook is using a custom homepage:

How do I set up a page as the homepage?

1. Go to your Shareist dashboard and select the notebook you would like to update.

2. Click the "Settings" option in the notebook menu.

3. Click the "Notebook Settings" link in the dropdown.

4. Click the radio button next to the dropdown and select an existing page.

5. Click the "Save" button. Your homepage is now using the page you selected.

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