How to manage categories?

You can organize the content you create on your Shareist notebook into categories.

How to add a category

You can create categories from the page builder page.  Click the "Category" box located on the right hand side.

When you add a new category from the page builder, it will automatically be added to your main navigation:

How to delete a category

To delete an existing category:

Once you have selected the notebook you want to update, select "Settings"

Click the "Categories" option from the dropdown, and on the next page, select any category you would like to delete by clicking the checkbox on the left side of category, and click the "Trash" button:

The category will be removed (but not permanently) and moved under the "Trash" tab.

If the category had been added to the navigation, it will automatically be removed.

Unless you delete the category permanently by emptying the Trash folder, you can reactivate the category at any time.

How to add a description on category pages

  1. First, select the notebook you want to update from the Dashboard.
  2. Under "Settings", select "Categories".
  3. Click the "Edit" icon(pencil) for the category you would like to edit.
  4. Add a description in the appropriate field and click the "update" button.


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