How to create a notebook?

1. Sign up at

2. On the next page, click the "Create a notebook" button

3. Personalize your notebook URL

  • For example: use your full name (""), or use the topic of the content you plan to publish on your website ("")
  • Note that you cannot change the URL of the notebook after it has been created. 

4. Choose a title for your notebook.

  • For example, if your notebook is about cookies, you could call it "Yummy Cookie Recipes". You can change the title of your notebook at any time.

5. Choose a username.

6. Set the access level for your notebook.
  • Choose to keep your notebook locked down and your content will only be visible to people you invite personally (collaborators).

7. Click the "Create notebook!" button.

Your notebook will be live within several seconds and you will be redirected to your notebook's dashboard. You can start posting content by clicking the "+ Add page" button.

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