Managing and updating your navigation

The navigation is broken down into 2 separate sections:

  • the Main navigation
  • the Footer navigation

You can place elements in either navigation, depending on your needs.

Categories created from the page builder automatically get added to the Main navigation menu.

You can also include links in your navigation that link to external web pages or to any pages within your Shareist notebook.

Managing your Navigation

To update your navigation, select "Navigation" under "Notebook Manager" from your notebook menu.

From this main screen, you can update an active link(pencil symbol), delete a link(trash can) or a add a new link("+ Add link" button).

Adding Links to your Navigation

Shareist makes it easy for you to build your navigation. You can choose to place categories, pages or web links in either the main or footer navigations:

1. Choose your link type:

  • Category: you can choose any of your existing categories.
  • Page: you can choose any of your "public" pages.
  • Web link:
    • Enter text for the link as you would like it to appear in the navigation.
    • Paste the URL you want to link to.

2. Choose where you would like this link to appear: Main or Footer navigation.

3. Choose the position for this link. If you already have links in your navigation, you can select to position the new link first, last or any position in between.

4. Click the "save" button.

The new link will be automatically added to your navigation and can be deleted at any time by clicking on the trash button next to the link's name in the main "Navigation" screen.

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