How to Add Comments To Your Shareist Notebook

Shareist currently supports "comments" functionality with the Disqus comment system.  To enable comments on your Shareist site, follow these steps.

First, go to and create an account if you don't already have one.  Follow the instructions to add comments functionally to a site, and look in the settings for the "shortname" that you chose when you created the site.  

Please disregard the part of the wizard that asks how you want to add it to your site - this information is not necessary.  You just need the short name in order to set it up on Shareist.

Next, enter this shortname into your Notebook's settings.

Click Save and you're done.

A comments section will now appear at the bottom of all your published notebook pages.  Private pages will not have comments added (until they're changed to public).

Disabling Comments on a Single Page

If you don't want comments to appear on a particular page, you can disable comments in the Advanced Page Options in the Page Builder. The Advanced Page Options are located at the bottom of the page in "Edit" mode

For example, if you've set a custom page as your homepage or have created other information page, you may want to disable comments on those pages.

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