How to add affiliate links

Shareist will automatically swap direct links to online stores with affiliate links, when set up under your notebook Settings.

1. Click the "Tools" option in the notebook menu.

2. Select "Affiliate Links".

3. Domain. Enter only one domain. Do not add www. or http://

4. Select an affiliate link option.

  • Deep link: this is not the most common affiliate link option available from merchants, but the most recommended by Shareist.
  • Affiliate URL Parameter: for programs which allow you to add a tag to any URL from the merchant site, such as Amazon.
  • Affiliate Link: a direct link to the merchant's homepage.

5. Affiliate Network. (Optional) This is useful as Shareist can pass on additional parameters to your affiliate links, when doing PPC for example.

7. Notes. You can also add notes about the merchant, such as the commission rate you have negotiated, the contact for the affiliate manager, etc...

8. Click "Save".

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