Shareist is a publishing platform which brings notebooks online. Create a notebook to capture ideas, bookmark interesting stuff you find online, and keep it either private or share it with others. Read more: What is Shareist?

What to expect in the Beta

Shareist is still in development and we are making changes everyday to make Shareist better. Not only can you create pages that you're proud to share in your public notebook, but you can keep content private for yourself, or export it to your favorite CMS/blog platform. It's like using a real notebook: you can write short posts quickly, capture ideas, but also work on pages that require research and that be kept private mode until it is ready to share with others.

Getting started

These are the basic first steps you'll want to do after signing up for Shareist:

  1. Create a notebook
  2. Add a a page
  3. Add content to pages
  4. Using the Quick Add bookmarklet
  5. Save a page as public or private

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