Disqus commentary plugin is not showing after setting up a custom domain

First, make sure you added the "COMMENTS" element in your post.

Also make sure that you set a valid Disqus "Shortname" under your website "Settings" in your Dashboard is correct. (Login into your Disqus account to confirm the shortname)

If there is any issues with the Disqus element, you will see the following in your post:

If you recently set up a custom domain in your Shareist account, you will need to update the URL set up your Disqus account to reflect the change.

1. Login into Disqus

2. Click on Settings located on the right hand side of the page


3. On the next page, locate the URL field and make sure it reflects your Shareist website URL

If you are using a custom domain name for your Shareist website, then the "Website URL" should the custom domain and NOT the shareist default website URL.

For example, it should be http://www.johnsmith.com and NOT http://johnsmith.shareist.com


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