Adding an Affiliate Link for ShareASale Merchants

In general, when adding affiliate links for merchants, the most effective method is by using the "Redirect Link" in the affiliate link settings.

Adding an affiliate link for ShareASale merchants is very straightforward as the deep linking for ShareASale is well supported and easy to implement.

Get Deep Link from ShareASale

First, in get the deep link for your merchant in ShareASale's linking interface. Go into the "Links" section, and locate the merchant you're setting up by searching on their name.

Choose any of the links in their list. I usually pick a generic homepage link and click on the "Get HTML Code" link on the far right.

Linking codes will appear. Copy into your clipboard the link that's in the "Shortest code available" section. Do not grab the full HTML code in the first section. The link should start only with http:// and end with urllink=

This is the URL that will go in the "Deep link" in the affiliate link setup in Shareist.

A valid link will look like this:

Where numbers appear for x, y, and z.

Set Up Affiliate Link in Shareist

Go into the Shareist Notebook manager and open up the Affiliate Links section

Next, add a new affiliate link by clicking the "Add New" button.

Enter the merchant's domain in the domain field. If you've already linked to this merchant within Shareist, you may find them in the drop list.

Click continue.

If this merchant has been implemented as a supported Shareist merchant, then you will see the Link Wizard. Enter the information that is prompted.

If not, you wlll see the Advanced Linking Options and will need to manually set up this merchant.

Paste your link you copied from ShareASale into the "Deep Link" field

That's It!

Save this form, and now any link that goes to this merchant will automatically be converted into an affiliate link when clicked on.

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