Adding Affiliate Links for Commission Junction Merchants

Shareist's Affiliate Linking tool makes it very easy to incorporate affiliate links into your content. Once you set up affiliate linking for a merchant (you must set up each merchant once), then any direct link to that merchant, anywhere in your Shareist notebook (even in the text or comments), will automatically be turned into an affiliate link when clicked on. No more generating affiliate links for every link you put on your site. Here's how to set them up for Commission Junction advertisers.

Like in our previous page in this series, Adding Affiliate Links for ShareASale Merchants, creating the deep/redirect affiliate link is pretty easy in Commission Junction.

The basic deep or redirect link format for a CJ link looks like this:

CJ uses several different domains for their click URLs. So the one you get may be different than Any of them will work fine.

What is a deep or redirect link?

A redirect link in an affiliate network is a tracking link in which you can put any URL for the merchant. After it gets clicked and tracked by the affiliate network, in this case CJ, the visitor is redirected to the URL that's been encoded into the link.

It's called "deep linking" because it's a technique for linking deeply into the merchant website directly to a specific page rather than the homepage.

How to make a CJ redirect link?

If a CJ merchant has enabled redirect linking on a particular link, it has a "Destination URL" field in the link's Get HTML box.

By putting a url in the Destination URL field, you can see how a redirect link is formatted. However, you don't need to use that to create your link. It's actually easier to build it yourself.

  1. Find a basic text link from the CJ interface for the merchant you want to link to.
  1. Click on Get HTML link for that link.

  2. Copy just the click URL out of the HTML for that link. It's the part in the a tag inside quotes for the href= attribute. Highlighted in the image below.

3. Add ?url= to the end of that and it will end up looking like this:

Again, the domain name in that URL varies for CJ links. the x and y will vary depending on your account information.

4. Paste that URL into the "Deep Link" field in the Shareist interface for that merchant. Instructions on that Follow.

Adding a Merchant Affiliate Link in Shareist

Once you have your deep link, you need to put it into the Shareist interface. First go into the Shareist Notebook Manager and open up the Affiliate Links Section.

Next, add a new affiliate link by clicking the "Add New" button.

Enter the merchant's domain in the domain field. If you've already linked to this merchant within Shareist, you may find them in the drop list.

Click continue.

If this merchant has been implemented as a supported Shareist merchant, then you will see the Link Wizard. Enter the information that is prompted.

If not, you wlll see the Advanced Linking Options and will need to manually set up this merchant.

Paste your link you created above into the "Deep Link" field.

That's it!

Save this form, and now any link that points to this merchant will automatically be converted to an affiliate link when clicked on.

One word of warning: Not all merchants in Commission Junction support redirect linking. Most do, but it never hurts to check with your merchant to determine if they can track links that go to any page on their website.

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