Add content to pages using elements

The "elements" bar located at the top of the page builder allows you to add a variety of content elements quickly and easily.

To add an element, simply click on the corresponding icon. 

The number of elements available will grow over time. Here is the list of elements and their primary usage.


You can use this element for the main heading of your page, or subheadings. The first title element used on the page will be a H1, others will be H3 headings.


Use this element for paragraphs. You will find basic WYSIWYG options for styling, alignments  and to add links.


This is a memorable quote

Use this element to quote someone or when using an excerpt from an article.



Mark Zuckerberg @finkd

Mar 7, 2009

Yes, this is the real Mark Zuckerberg. Thanks for following me!

Search for tweets or paste a tweet URL, which in both cases will embed the tweet in your post automatically like the tweet above.


Top 10 Funny Baby Videos! - YouTube

Watch these full baby videos at including the full list of top 10 funny baby videos. Laughing babi...

Search for Youtube videos or directly paste a video URL you found online.

Take a break, this post is getting long, get a good laugh :-)


Search the Flickr (with Creative Commons License), specify an image URL, or upload your own images. We will be adding more sources that offer images with a Creative Commons License.


21' Preferred (All Aluminum) Bleachers (10 Rows): Sports & Outdoors

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY.Frame work is welded aluminum angle. Seat planks are 2" x 10" anodized aluminum and foot planks are 2" x 10" mill finished aluminum. All bleachers include chain link system guardrail and risers above seat row 4. Bleachers meet requirements of NFPA and the new anticipated CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards, excluding aisle requirements. Freight to Hawaii or Alaska, as well as expedited shipping costs, will be quoted to you by ...

Price: $11771.24

Search for products on Amazon or paste a product URL, for any retail website, and Shareist will embed the product information including the price of the product.

Yes, you can actually buy "bleachers" on Amazon! Click the link to Amazon above to check it out.


Paste URLs for blog posts, websites, articles, etc... and we'll embed the link information automatically. You can edit afterwards the title and description, and soon we'll allow you to also choose a different image than the one returned by default.


Automatically create a unique collage of images that are included in your post. Embellish your posts and get more attention on social networks by posting this shareable image.

We will soon allow you to customize this shareable.


You can paste any HTML embed (maps, video players, audio players, slideshows, storefronts, etc...) into this element.


Comments are currently powered by Disqus. Include this element on pages when you want to create a discussion with your audience. Learn how to set it up here.

Test the comments below!

How to delete an element?

It's simple, click the X located in the top right hand side corner of the element.

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